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About Bologna


Magnificent medieval city, home to the first university in the world, that has kept the characteristic of cultural and historical city of innovation, artistic and scientific over the centuries.
It is famous for the two towers and its traditional dishes such as tortellini, tagliatelle with ragł Bolognese and lasagne, but every moment spent at the restaurants in Bologna is an explosion of taste, flavours and harmony as well as every moment spent in the city centre where amazing monuments and "ancient" view can be seen.

Famous natives of Bologna:

Ludovico, Agostino e Annibale Carracci, Elisabetta Sirani, Guglielmo Marconi, Augusto Righi, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giorgio Morandi, Gino Cervi, Rossano Brazzi, Giulietta Masina, Enzo Biagi, Piera Degli Esposti, Pupi Avati, Raffaella Carrą, Stefano Accorsi, Lucio Dalla, Gianni Morandi, Simona Ventura, Veronica Lario, Alberto Tomba.

There are many sights to visit including:

- Piazza Maggiore (Basilica di San Petronio one of the world's largest, Palazzo d'Accursio which houses the Art Gallery and Museum Morandi)
- Piazza Nettuno with the impressive Gianbologna's fountain
- Piazza Santo Stefano with the incredible church called the seven churches of the same name
- Square Mercanzia
- The two towers (Garisenda and Asinelli) with the opportunity to reach the top of Asinelli and enjoy a magnificent panorama of the famous red roofs of Bologna
- The churches of San Francesco, San Domenico and the Church of Life that besised being very interesting from an architectural point of view hosts Michelangelo's and Nicolo' Dall'Arca works
- Basilica di San Luca with its 6 km. of arches that winds up on the la Guardia hill overlooking the city
- Market Pavaglione with the old shops
- Via Castiglione with its elegant buildings ( Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande)
- Portico Pavaglione, Galleria Cavour, Via Farini, Via d'Azeglio are the Bolognese's favourite places for upper class shopping
- Pinacoteca Nazionale
- Archiginnasio Museum (with the historic university library and the 1637 Anatomy Theatre)
- Archaeological Museum
- Carducci's house
- Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MAMBO)
- Music Museum
- Comunale Theatre

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